Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shady Maple Grocery, East Earl, PA…

amish farms

While driving through the Amish country of Lancaster County Pennsylvania you will likely pass by the Shady Maple Grocery in East Earl, PA. This store in the middle of the Amish country features locally grown produce and they specialize in “Made From Scratch” or “Home-Made” food items.

Their bakery inside the large store has wonderful treats from homemade apple fritters to some fresh out of the oven breads. A bargain can be had on their day old products as well. They have an interesting array of local meats, vegetables, bins of grains etc. and other food items. The prices are dirt cheap and the quality of the produce is as fresh as it gets.

I have no pictures of this place or any of the sections in the store because our hands were so full of produce, baked goods, cheeses and other various and sundry items. Never did I thing a grocery store would end up on Road Treats but this one does… Check it out!!!