Saturday, June 4, 2011

RJ Rocker’s Microbrewery …Spartanburg, SC

We had one last night in Spartanburg, SC and one place we hadn’t visited was the RJ Rocker’s microbrewery in the downtown area at 226-A West Main street. We knew that on Thursday’s they had their “Tour and Taste Thursday”. So tonight from 5-7 pm we knew where we were going to be… at the Brewery. Tours and Tastings were $5 and included a pint glass souvenir.

So with the threat of a severe thunderstorm warning looming over us we headed out to the downtown area and got to the brewery right when the rain began to fall. It looked pretty dark northwest of us and it was headed our way. We decided it was probably safer in the brewery than in the motorhome under these circumstances.

imageThere was about a dozen other people milling around when we got there. The building in a nice sized building with lots of windows and all the stainless steel vats were shining. We bought our $5.00 pass which included a pint glass with 4 “beer” tickets. We could exchange one ticket for one taste of beer in our glass. You would get anywhere from a 4 oz to 10 oz pour… depending on who poured it as it seemed.

We tasted five different beers and our two favorites were Son of a Peach and the Fish Paralyzer. The description of these two beers from their website are:

An unfiltered American wheat ale made with real mean peaches. The only thing missing is the fuzz. Savor the anger. Available during the late Spring and Summer months. 
6.0% abv


Fish Paralyzer is a Belgian-style pale ale that is moderately hopped with Tradition and Saaz.  The grain bill calls for a combination of specialty malt to produce its sweetness and copper color. The Belgian Ale yeast used provides a strong Belgian essence to Phenolic and spicy flavors and aromas
7.5% abv

The Fish Paralyzer was my favorite with the taste of a nice pale ale with some pizazz… The Son of a Peach was my brides favorite and I too admit this is a real nice fruity pale ale worthy of a summer toast while barbequing over a hot grill.

While the wind was howling, thunder booming, and pea sized hail pounding the tin roof we chatted with some of the locals and enjoyed our samples of beer and we were glad we were not in the park in the RV under these ominous skies. We had a good (but short) tour along with some very good beers… and all for five dollars each!! Heyduke says check it out…

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