Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Naples Greyhound Race Track, Bonita Springs, FL

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If you are looking for something different to do in the Naples/Bonita Springs/Fort Myers area you should drive over to the greyhound racing track. Make sure to check the web site and find the nights they have a “DOLLAR NIGHT”… What this means is that the race programs, hotdogs, popcorn and draft beers are only one dollar each American!!! I use to go to the greyhound races when I was in the Air Force in Rapid City, South Dakota and remembered having a fun night when all us guys went out.

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Since my bride had never been to a race at a dog track she said she waned to go so it was a done deal… we were off to the races. We got there a bit late2011-12-06 bonita springs florida 043 but there was no fee for parking and only $2.00 per person entry. So with the one dollar program we started off $5.00 out of pocket after buying two entries and one program… 3 hotdogs and 2 beers later we were out a total of $11.00. This makes it pretty easy to break even on the day. We watched a total of 13 races and bet on 9 of them with our our wagers ranging from 2-6 dollars each race. We actually did pretty well at the track winning several bets with the whole day costing us less than eight bucks… despite having’s muchos cervezas!!! I know greyhound racing is somewhat controversial but for something different this is cheap and fun… especially on Dollar Night!!!

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