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Rattlesnake Saloon, Tuscumbia, AL…

2012-03-10 Red Bay Alabama and Natchez Trace 075

2012-03-10 Red Bay Alabama and Natchez Trace 073If you are ever stuck in Red Bay, Alabama or you find yourself nearby Tuscumbia Alabama you have got to go find the Rattlesnake Saloon…

There are not a lot of interesting places of interest in this area but the 23 mile trek over to the Rattlesnake Saloon is more than worth the effort as this is a real unique Road Treat!!!  Upon arrival you really aren’t sure you are at the right spot as it appears you are at a working ranch with a dirt parking lot but the signage all suggests you are in the right place.

2012-03-10 Red Bay Alabama and Natchez Trace 0782012-03-10 Red Bay Alabama and Natchez Trace 101The saloon is situated next to a western resort of sorts and there is a gift shop, RV hookups ($20 a night) and horse corrals. When you park your car a truck drives over sporting a Rattlesnake Saloon logo and a kind western looking gentleman informs you that he is your taxi to the saloon. He gave us a card with the resort number and showed us the huge map of horse trails on the resort and then off we went...

The truck drives past the gift shop and the pool for overnight guests and then we disappear over the edge down a steep, winding hill that suddenly gives way to an amazing view below. To your right is a large cave with small waterfalls pouring over the edge, and inside the 2012-03-10 Red Bay Alabama and Natchez Trace 098cave is an outdoor stage, lots of tables and chairs as well as an indoor saloon. To the left is a deck overlooking a tree-lined river. The views are breathtaking, I can’t imagine how wonderful this place would be in late spring and early summer.

The saloon itself has a great vibe, decent beer selection and friendly staff making for a great dinner or happy hour setting. Now let me warn you they only serve beer, no wine or spirits, and no alcohol is served before 5 PM!!! Also you better bring you ID since they believe no ID no beer… Our choice of some nice draft Yuengling seemed to be a perfect choice to enjoy the grandeur before us. What can I say… DON’T MISS THIS PLACE!!!!

2012-03-10 Red Bay Alabama and Natchez Trace 080

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