Friday, May 4, 2012

Luckenbach, Texas…

2012-04-26 Luckenback etc 020

2012-04-26 Luckenback etc 009“Everybody is somebody in Luckenbach” 

That is the saying in this small Texas town but it is here that one can sit and become part of the Texas music scene while sipping on a cold Shiner Bock (Texas original) beer. Just a few miles outside of Fredricksburg, Texas (also worth a visit) you will discover this little Texas gem!

2012-04-26 Luckenback etc 028It all started many years ago when Jacob Luckenbach (1817-1911) first colonized this area. Luckenbach was first established as a community trading post in the 1840’s or so they say. In 1970 the whole town was put up for sale and bought by a Texas icon named Hondo Crouch. Shortly thereafter musicians such as Jerry Jeff Walker, singer/songwriter Steve Fromholz, and the massive hit from Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson (“Luckenbach Texas (Back to the Basics)” had turned this sleepy little town into a worldwide destination.

cold Texas beersSo when you are traveling in the area of Fredricksburg, Texas look for the little town of Luckenbach. Walk into the trading post and saunter over to the bar and order you a cold Lone Star or Shiner Beer. Step outside into the courtyard and take a seat… Then soak in all that there is in this spot as you listen to whomever may be picking on their guitar and singing a few songs…. This is a chance to experience a bit of pure Texas culture…

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