Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Papa’s Breakfast Nook–Spartenburg SC

100_4594Spartanburg, South Carolina is home to a wonderful breakfast spot called Papa’s Breakfast Nook. Since we were in town we headed over there for breakfast which turned out to be a road treat.

This place isn’t just for breakfast either as it is open 24 hours. We dined here early one morning and were treated to an inexpensive and scrumptious breakfast. The is just a typical old style diner that has a flat grill that is visible from the dining room where you can watch the cooks make your trashcan omelets for breakfast or your Spartenburgers for lunch.

The place stays crowded with locals and was especially crowded the morning we were there on Easter Sunday. All I can say is the home fries are to die for and you won’t leave hungry.  Heyduke says you have to try the road treat when in the area....

 100_4595     100_4596

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