Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kenny’s Country Restaurant–Pinebluff, NC

IMAG0095We were getting propane from a local dealer in Aberdeen, NC when my darling bride struck up a conversation with one of the local ladies who was on break. Well the result of that conversation was that she said we just had to go try out Kenny’s Country Restaurant in Pinebluff, NC. So a few days later we had a craving for a good old fashioned hamburger so we googled  Kenny’s and headed over to the town of Pinebluff, NC.

       Kenny’s is located at 110 N Walnut St, Pinebluff, NC, Coordinates to plug into your GPS are 35.0982 -79.4782. The place itself is an unassuming little country diner along the main road going through Pinebluff. Nothing would make you want to stop there except the parking lot is stuffed with cars… always a great sign. The first time we stopped in was for a to go order of one of their specials. We had decided we were hungry for a burger and thought we would split one for lunch. Instead of a regular burger we ordered one of the daily specials – a cheese steak hoagie. That sucker was way more than both of us could eat and it was smothered in grilled onions and mushrooms convincing  us we had found another road treat.

IMAG0094                                   IMAG0093

What makes this place even better are the people who work there. You can tell they love their jobs and have all the important facets of providing great customer service covered. We stopped by one more time for breakfast before we departed the area and all I can say is look at the picture of this omelet… can you say give a little hash browns with my small omelet… Yum Yum!!!

So I said there appeared to be no reason to stop there but let me tell you there are many reasons… the food, the service, the hospitality, and you just have to stop by and chat with the cook and the hard working and efficient waitress… Heyduke says check it out!!!

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