Monday, May 23, 2011

Tuna smothered in zesty mushroom sauce…Recipe

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I have a dish that I made in the sticks and bricks house that was so good it had to follow me on the road… So I have made it a few times and although it is a bit more of a task it is still very doable especially now that we are slowly accruing the toys we need to live this lifestyle as a life and not as part time attendees.

100_5022So I put a picture up on my other blog and had a few people ask about the recipe so here it is as best as I can provide it… you see I don’t measure anything and I wing it at times so the ingredients may change. But we had just recently purchase a new Coleman outdoor grill and the bride said let’s grill tuna so I got the camera and took some pictures and thought I would provide the recipe here on Road Treats. After all this is truly a road treat for us. So as a result I will include recipes on road treats as they fit the true meaning of what I meant this site to be… So here it is…

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The main starting ingredients (see top two pictures) require you to slice very thinly some onion (I prefer purple, but any will do), slice jalapeno very thinly, yellow pepper very thinly, and some mushrooms (crimini or white will do) and chop a large garlic clove. Sauté these ingredients in some butter (1-2 tablespoons) until soft. I usually add all the ingredients except the mushrooms and garlic and sauté for a few minutes before adding them (see pictures above). As these items soften it is time to deglaze with some white wine… simmer a bit to remove the alcohol and then add the heavy cream till you have a good sauce to simmer down (see before and after pictures below).

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Then while this is on low get your tuna steaks and add some sea salt and coarse black pepper on each side. Slap these babies on the grill at the same time you put on some fresh asparagus that has been sprayed with Pam and salted and peppered similarly.


Cook the tuna for a few minutes while stirring the sauce to reduce it. Flip the tuna steaks and add some thinly sliced lemon till they are done. The asparagus should be done about the same time as the tuna. Let them sit until the sauce is pretty thick. Then squeeze some fresh lemon in the sauce and give it a stir before ladling a heaping spoonful atop the tuna steaks… place the asparagus along the side and you have a road treat… compliments of Heyduke…

Give it a try and you will like it… if you really need more details let me know…



  1. Ditto... Looks wonderful! I'm thinking that sauce would be wonderful on some grilled chicken breasts as well...